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Boy from Michigan


My brothers used to pour water down the gopher holes and one of them would wait at the other end of the hole with a baseball bat for them to come out.


There were older kids who used to teach us how to make these.


This is the house ( thank you Eurythmics) that we grew up in, that my father built.


That was their “stand” where they sold fresh apples from tables set up there back in the day...


This is the Sweetshop where we used to have ice cream and Green Rivers as kids.


County Fair

Just me at the Calgary Stampede, where Queen Elizabeth also made an appearance. You wouldn't believe what she said to me in the green room. I was just a child, Elizabeth.


rusty bull

Tasty Freeze

Unfortunately nobody knows what happened to the Rusty Bull, but at least this little Tasty Freeze hut is still standing, which is on Redbud Trail which in turn leads up to Hall’s Apple Farm if you head South.



Art-deco aesthetic from Denver

This is the amazing Cruise Room in the Oxford Hotel in Denver Colorado.

Theatre where John worked - Mayan Theatre

This is the Mayan Theatre, one of the most beautiful art-deco theatres in the whole world as far as I’m concerned.

John's favourite theatre - Esquire Theatre

Here’s another one of Denver’s incredible art-house theatres. I saw ‘Stop Making Sense’ here in 1984.




Here’s a little silent mini tour of my studio here in Reykjavik, where you can see many of beautiful synth friends, many were used in the making of ‘Boy from Michigan.’


best in me

Best In Me is about the transformative power of a deep friendship.


Rhetorical Figure

These are some of my favorite books dealing with language.



Just So You Know


Here is a teaser for the video ‘Just So You Know’ in which you can see the amazing krump dancer Dreamz, filmed by Kash Gaines.


Dandy Star



Your Portfolio

Here we see the consumed, consumer in all his peanut buttery glory.


The Only Baby

These are my initial scribblings for The Only Baby. I'm finally remembering to write things down as I go along because usually, when it comes time to work with a band for the live show, I have to relearn how to play all the songs because I didn't write it down and can't remember. Hope you can read what I wrote if you want to.